Albert, Mathieu - Sociology

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Social and Behavioural Health Sciences
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University of Toronto
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The evolution of research funding in Canada; the transformation of research practices in sociology and economics; the scientific culture of the Quebec population; interdisciplinary research in the health domain; and knowledge production in the field of medical education research
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Université de Montréal
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Major Publications: 
Berger, E., Shouldice, M., Kuper, A. & Albert, M. (accepted) The CanMeds Role of Collaborator: How is it Taught and Assessed According to Faculty and Residents? Paediatrics & Child Health. Albert, M. (2012) La définition des critères de scientificité: un débat philosophique et sociologique. Recherche qualitative 14:1-5 (in press) Albert, M., Laberge S. & McGuire, W. (2012) Criteria for Assessing Quality in Academic Research: The Views of Biomedical Scientists, Clinical Scientists and Social Scientists. Higher Education. 64(5): 661-676. Lieff, S. & Albert, M. (2012) What do we do? Practices and learning strategies of medical education leaders. Medical Teacher 34(4): 312-319. Banack, J., Albert, M., Byrne, N., Walters, C. (2011). A Conceptual Model for Teaching Social Responsibility and Health Advocacy: An Ambulatory/Community Experience (ACE). Canadian Journal of Medical Education. 2(2): 53-64. Albert, M. & Kleinman DL. (2011) Bringing Pierre Bourdieu to Science and Technology Studies. Minerva. A Review of Science, Learning and Policy. 49(3): 263-273. Berger, E., Shouldice, M., Kuper, A. & Albert, M. (2011) The CanMEDS Portfolio: A Reflection Tool in a Fellowship Program. Medical Teacher. 8(3): 151-155 Hodges BD, Albert M, Arweiler D, Akseer S, Bandiera G, Byrne N, Charlin B, Karazivan P, Kuper A, Maniate J, Millette B, Noyeau E, Parker S, Reeves S. (2011) The Future of Medical Education: A Canadian Environmental Scan. Medical Education. 45(1):95-106. Kuper, A., Albert, M., & Hodges, Brian D. (2010) The Origins of the Field of Medical Education Research. Academic Medicine. 85(8):1347-1353. Kuper, A., Martimianakis, M., McNaughton, N., Albert, M., Hodges, B.D. (2010) Asking new questions: A reflection on AMEE 2009. Medical Teacher. 32(1): 1-2. Lieff, S., Albert, M. (2010) The Mindsets of Medical Education Leaders: How Do They Conceive of Their Work? Academic Medicine. 85(1): 57-62. Laberge, S., Albert, M., & Hodges, B.D. (2009) Perspectives of clinician and biomedical scientists on interdisciplinary health research. CMAJ Canadian Medical Association Journal. 181(11): 797-803. Albert, M., Laberge, S., & Hodges, Brian D. (2009) Boundary work in the health research field: Biomedical and clinician scientists’ perceptions of social science research. Minerva. A Review of Science, Learning and Policy. 47(2): 171-194. Reeves, S., Albert, M., Kuper, A., Hodges, B.D. (August 2008). Why Use Theories in Qualitative Research? British Medical Journal. 337:632-634. Lingard, L., Albert, M., Levinson, W. (August 2008). Qualitative research methodologies: Grounded theory, mixed methods and action research. British Medical Journal. 337: 459-461. Albert, M., Laberge, S., Hodges, B.D., Regehr, G. & Lingard, L. (2008). Biomedical scientists’ perception of social science in health research. Social Science & Medicine, 66(12): 2520-2531. Kuper, A., Reeves, S., Albert. M., & Hodges, B.D., (2007) Assessment: Do We Need to Broaden Our Methodological Horizons? Medical Education, 41(12): 1121-1123. Albert, M. & Laberge, S. (2007). The Legitimation and Dissemination Processes of the Innovation System Approach: The Case of the Canadian and Québec Science and Technology Policy. Science, Technology & Human Values, 32(2): 221-249. Albert, M., Hodges, B.D., & Regehr, G. (2007) Research in medical education: Balancing service and science. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 12: 103-115. Segouin C., Hodges B. D., Albert M.., Bertrand C., Chamberland M., Charlin B. (2007) Quelques principes de base pour démarrer un centre de recherche en éducation médicale Pédagogie Médicale, 8 (1): 58-61. Albert, M., Hodges, B.D., & Regehr, G. (2006) La recherche en éducation médicale: entre le service et la science. Pédagogie Médicale, 7(2), 73-81. Albert, M. (2004). Understanding the debate on medical education research: A sociological perspective. Academic Medicine, 79(10), 948-954. Albert, M. (2003). Universities and the Market Economy: The Differential Impact on Knowledge Production in Sociology and Economics. Higher Education, 45, 147-182.
Membre des sociétés académiques: 
Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S), American Sociological Association (ASA), European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)