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Titre University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Abeles, Francine - Kean University History of Mathematics/Computing Interface; logic; linear algebra
Abraham, Tara - History University of Guelph History of the life sciences,history of cybernetics,history of cognitive sciences,history of 20th-century American sciences
Adl, Sina - University of Saskatchewan Soil ecology, biology of decomposition, sustainable agriculture, soil nutrients, I have used soil microcosms, green-house experiments, field experiments, commercial agriculture fields to study the effect of field management and experimental treatments on community structure and soil food webs
Akbari, Suzanne - English University of Toronto Optics, geography/cartography, medicine, mathematics, astronomy/astrology history of biology (climate theory), history of medicine (astrology), history of technology (optics), history of mathematics (mechanistic and calculators)
Albert, Mathieu - Sociology University of Toronto The evolution of research funding in Canada; the transformation of research practices in sociology and economics; the scientific culture of the Quebec population; interdisciplinary research in the health domain; and knowledge production in the field of medical education research
Anderson, Katharine - York University Observation, oceanography, visualization, exploration narratives, scientific methodologies
Anderson, Robert - Simon Fraser University focus on nuclear negotiations involving nuclear powers like Canada, UK, USA, France - and India and Pakistan; focus on history of science and nuclear politics beginning 1920 up to about 1980
Andrews, Kristin - York University Anthropomorphism, cognition in the field, false belief explanation, folk psychology, great ape ethics, methodology in animal cognition research, moral psychology, nature and evolution of belief, orangutan pantomime, psychological explanation, theories of human uniqueness, theory of mind or mindreading
Archibald, Tom - Simon Fraser University The history of the applications of analysis to the physical sciences; the history of differential equations, especially PDEs; the history of mathematics in France and Germany from roughly 1840 to 1940, with particular reference to interactions between the two communities; and the history of mathematics in Canada
Arias-Hernandez, Richard - Sociology Simon Fraser University Sociology of information and communications technologies; applied psycholinguistics (Herbert Clark's Joint Action Theory) to solve coordination problems in collaborative visual analytics