Burfoot, Annette - Sociology

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Queen's University
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Area of Research
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North America
Champ d'études: 
Visual science studies (anatomy, cancer care, science fiction, technology studies (political economy of manufacturing), cultural studies, reproductive & genetic engineering, 18th century wax anatomical models, cross-cultural comparison of treatment of obstetrical pain, gender and textile technologies in Lucca, Italy
PHD Program: 
Science Policy Research Unit
PHD University: 
University of Sussex
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Major Publications: 
"Surprising Origins in Italian Horror: Florentine 18h Century Wax Anatomical Models," in Anthony Julian Tamburri (ed.), Italian Cultural Studies 2002: Selected essays (Boca Raton: Bordighera Press). Biotechnology as Modern Museums of Civilization" in Michael D. Mehta (ed.) Biotechnology Unglued: Science, Society, and Social Cohesion, UBC Press, 2005". "The Fetal Voyager: Women in Modern Medical Visual Discourse," Bernard Lightman and Ann Shteir (eds.) Figural Vocabularies of Gender in Science, Medicine, and Technology. New England Press, Forthcoming. Killing Women: The Visual Culture of Gender and Violence. Co-editor with Susan Lord. Waterloo: University of Wilfred Laurier Press. (Contracted 2002). "Biotechnology as Modern Museums of Collection," co-written with J. Poudrier, in The Sociology of Biotechnology, edited by Michael Mehta, University of British Columbia Press, Spring, 2005. "Human Remains: Identity Politics in the face of biotechnology," Bart Simon, Jill Didur and Teresa Heffernan (eds.) Critical Posthumanism, - Special Issue of Cultural Critique, No. 53 (winter 2003). The Encyclopedia of Reproductive Technologies. Boulder, Co.: Westview, 1999. "Technologies of panic at the movies: Killer viruses, warrior women and men in distress," in Reclaiming the Future. Somer Brodribb (ed.) Charlottetown, PEI: Gynergy Books, 1999. "Through the eyes of Mary: Maternity and modernity in Italy," Canadian Women's Studies Journal, 18:4, pp.32-38, 1999. "Life Light: Explorations in alchemy and the magic of Enlightenment," Public Journal, Vol. 18, pp.106-121, 1999. "After Words in the Dark", in Words in the Dark in Paulo Puppa, Editor. Translated by Donato Sanderamo, Ottawa, New York, London, Lagos, 1997.
Membre des sociétés académiques: 
Renaissance Society of America, Society for the History of Technology
Courses Taught: 
Women and Reproductive Technologies, Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge, Sociology of the Body