Elaine Marie, Landry - Philosophy

Personal Information
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Elaine Marie
949 573 4329
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Area of Research
Champ d'études: 
Philosophy of mathematics (structuralism, category theory, set theory, logic), history and philosophy of science (structural realism, logical positivism, physics), analytic philosophy (Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap), metaphysics, philosophy of language
PHD Program: 
Philosophy of Science
PHD University: 
University of Western Ontario
PHD Date: 
Major Publications: 
2013 a) “The Genetic Versus the Axiomatic Method: Responding the Feferman 1977”, Review of Symbolic Logic, Volume 6 (1), Special Issue on Feferman’s 1977 Paper, Landry, E., Guest Editor, pp. 24-50. 2012 a) “Methodological Structural Realism”, in Structural Realism: Structure, Objects and Causality, Western Ontario Series for Philosophy of Science, Reidel, Landry, E., and Rickles, D., (Editors), pp. 29-59. b) “Recollection and the Mathematician’s Method in Plato’s Meno”, Philosophia Mathematica, Volume 20 (2), Special Issue on Plato’s Mathematical Methodology, pp. 143-169. 2011 a) “A Silly Answer to a Psillos Question”, in Vintage Enthusiasms: Essays in Honour of John Bell, Western Ontario Series for Philosophy of Science, Reidel, pp. 361-381. b) “How to be a Structuralist All The Way Down”, Synthese, 179 pp. 435-454.
Membre des sociétés académiques: 
Vice-President of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (CSHPM), 2012-2014. (President 2014-2016), Founder and Treasurer of the Philosophy of Mathematics Association (PMA), Editorial Board Member for the journal HOPOS, Advisory Board of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy Editorial Board for Broadview Press, 2002-2007, Programme Organizing Board; Committee Chair overseeing submissions in Philosophy of Mathematics/Logic for presentation at the Canadian Philosophical Association annual meetings, 2007-2009.
Courses Taught: 
Graduate Reading Course: Models of Experiment in Happiness Literature, Proseminar: Deflationary Theories of Truth, Graduate Reading Course: Data and Phenomena in Philosophy of Biology, Graduate Reading Course: Hellman’s Modal Structuralism