Ereshefsky, Mark - Philosophy

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Affiliation universitaire: 
University of Calgary
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Area of Research
Région géographique: 
United States of America
Great Britain
Champ d'études: 
Philosophy of biology, philosophy of science, metaphysics.
PHD Program: 
PHD University: 
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Major Publications: 
The Poverty of the Linnaean Hierarchy: A Philosophical Study of Biological Taxonomy. Cambridge University Press 2001. Reprinted 2007. The Units of Evolution: Essays on the Nature of Species, MIT Press, 1992. "Axiomatics and Individuality: A Reply to Mary Williams' 'Species Are Individuals'." Philosophy of Science, (1988), 55, pp. 427-434. "The Semantic Approach to Evolutionary Theory." Biology and Philosophy, (1991), 5, pp. 7-28. "Species, Higher Taxa, and the Units of Evolution." Philosophy of Science, (1991), 58, pp. 84-101. "The Historical Nature of Evolutionary Theory." In Nitecki (ed.), History and Evolution, (1992), pp. 81-99, State University of New York Press. "Eliminative Pluralism." Philosophy of Science, (1992), 59, pp. 671-690. Reprinted in D. Hull and M. Ruse (eds.), Philosophy of Biology , Oxford University Press (1998). "Some Problems with the Linnaean Hierarchy", Philosophy of Science, (1994), 61. pp. 186-205. "Critical Notice: John Dupre's The Disorder of Things," Canadian Journal of Philosophy, (1995), 25, pp. 143-158. "Pluralism, Normative Naturalism, and Biological Classification." In Hull and Burian (eds.), PSA 1994, (1995), Volume 2, pp. 382-389. Philosophy of Science Association. "The Evolution of the Linnaean Hierarchy," Biology and Philosophy (1997), 12, pp. 493-519. "Species Pluralism and Anti-Realism," Philosophy of Science (1998), 65, pp. 103-120. "Species and the Linnaean Hierarchy." In R. Wilson (ed.), Species: New Interdisciplinary Essays," MIT Press, (1999), pp. 285-306.
Membre des sociétés académiques: 
Philosophy of Science Association Canadian Philosophical Association Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science International Society for the Social Sciences, History, and Philosophy of Biology.
Courses Taught: 
Introductory Logic. Science and Philosophy. Problems in the Philosophy of Science. History and Philosophy of Science. Philosophical Topics in the Sciences. Advanced Philosophy of Science. Graduate Seminar in the Philosophy of Science.