Ethics and Technology: Who to Trust?

Ethics and Technology: Who to Trust?
Emerging technologies and the Implications for Change in Healthcare, Education, Governance and Commerce
Perry Kinkaide, MSc, PhD, CMC (
Founder & Past-President, Alberta Council of Technologies
May 27th, 7pm
Scotiabank Theatre Auditorium
Sobey School of Business
-What does the rate of speed of information access mean for our society?
-What does education look like in the face of Massive Open On-line  Courses (MOOCS)?
-How do Healthcare providers serve the new informed and skeptical client?
-Where do regulatory forces come from in an increasingly deregulated  global society?
Technology is profoundly changing the shape of society and its underlying economic base. The implications for production, trade and  employment call for equally accelerated response strategies. What is the role of ethics in the development of these strategies in the brave new world?
This presentation is supported by the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University, the Nova Scotia Government Office of the Chief Information Officer, CBERN, and the Alberta Council of Technologies.