Rotman Summer Institute 2013: Foundations of Statistical Mechanics

Each year the Rotman Summer Institute brings graduate students together with exceptional faculty from around the world to focus on a topic of special interest.

This year’s institute is aimed at fostering an understanding of conceptual issues in the foundations of statistical mechanics.  The goal for students is to come away from the course prepared to engage the philosophical literature on the foundations of statistical mechanics at a professional level.

As there isn’t a consensus as to what the correct approach is to understanding statistical mechanics, we will be bringing together leading contributors to the philosophical debates to date. Lecture topics will include both introductions to basic issues, and specialized topics.

The institute will take place between Sunday, July 14 and Saturday, July 20, in a charming setting on the shores of Lake Huron.

Faculty for this year’s institute are David Z. Albert (Columbia University), Wayne Myrvold (University of Western Ontario), John Norton (University of Pittsburgh), Jos Uffink (University of Minnesota), David Wallace (University of Oxford).

Tuition, including meals and accommodations, but excluding travel, is $800. Some scholarships will be available to assist exceptional graduate students.

Full registration details will be announced on this site soon.
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