Berryman, Sylvia -

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University of British Columbia
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Social Sciences
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Ancient Greek natural philosophy and the impact of Greek science on natural philosophy, the philosophical reception of optics, mechanics, medicine, pneumatics, as well as theories of mixture, qualities, causation and teleology
PHD Program: 
Ancient Philosophy
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UT Austin
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Major Publications: 
The Mechanical Hypothesis in Ancient Greek Natural Philosophy, Cambridge 2009. "Horror Vacui in the Third Century B.C.E.: When is a Theory not a Theory?" in Richard Sorabji (ed.), Aristotle and After, BICS suppl. vol. II (1997), 147-57. "Euclid and the Sceptic: A Paper on Vision, Doubt, Geometry, Light and Drunkenness," Phronesis (1998), 176-96. "Democritus and the explanatory power of the void," 183-91 in V. Caston and D. Graham (eds.), Presocratic Philosophy: Essays in Honour of Alexander Mourelatos (Ashgate Publishing 2002). "Aristotle on pneuma and animal self-motion," Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 23 (2002), 85-97. "Galen and the Mechanical Philosophy," Apeiron: a journal for ancient philosophy and science, (2002), 235-53. "Ancient Automata and Mechanical Explanation," Phronesis 48 (2003), 344-69. "Necessitation and Explanation in Philoponus’ Aristotelian Physics," invited paper for Ricardo Salles (ed.), Metaphysics, Soul, and Ethics: Themes from the work of Richard Sorabji (Oxford University Press 2005). "The Imitation of Life in Ancient Greek Natural Philosophy," 1-21 in Jessica Riskin (ed.), Genesis Redux (University of Chicago Press, 2007). "Teleology Without Tears: Aristotle and the Role of Mechanistic Conceptions of Organisms," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 37 (2007), 357-70. "The Evidence for Strato of Lampsacus in Hero of Alexandria’s Pneumatica," in W.W. Fortenbaugh (ed.), Strato of Lampsacus (Rutgers University Press, forthcoming). "Rainbows, Mirrors and Light: Can Aristotle’s Theory of Vision be Saved?" in M. Martin and M. Stone (eds.), Problems of Perception and Vision, London Studies in the History of Philosophy (forthcoming).
Courses Taught: 
Plato, Aristotle, Hellenistic philosophy' 'Ancient Science and Natural Philosophy,'