Bielawksi, Joseph -

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Biology Department, Dalhousie University
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Dalhousie University
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His research program is organized around two related themes: (1) microbial genomics and eco-genomics, and (2) statistical modeling of molecular evolution. The themes are tightly connected by his interest in reconciling functional divergence at the gene level with the evolution of complex microbial phenotypes.
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Texas A&M University
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Major Publications: 
Bielawski, J. P. and Z. Yang. (2004) A maximum likelihood method for detecting functional divergence at individual codon sites, with application to gene family evolution. Journal of Molecular Evolution, In Press. Sabehi, G., M. Ramon, J.P. Bielawski, M. Rosenber, E. F. Delong, and O. Béjà. (2003) Novel Proteorhodopsin Variants from the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Environmental Microbiology, 5: 842-849. Bielawski, J. P. and Z. Yang. (2003) Maximum likelihood methods for detecting adaptive evolution after gene duplication. Journal of structural and Functional Genomics, 3: 201-212. Yang, W., J. P. Bielawski, Z. Yang. (2003) Widespread adaptive evolution in the human immunodeficiency virus type-1 genome. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 57:212-221. Bielawski, J. P. and Z. Yang. (2003) Maximum likelihood methods for detecting adaptive evolution in gene families. In: Genome Evolution: Gene and Genome Duplications and the Origin of Novel Gene Function. A. Meyer and Y. Van De Peer (eds). Ward, T. J., J. P. Bielawski, H. C. Corby-Kistler, E. Sullivan, and K. O'Donnell. 2002. Ancient polymorphism and adaptive evolution in the trichothecene gene cluster of phytopathogenic Fusarium. PNAS 99:9278-9283. Bielawski, J. P. 2002. Phylogenetic inference: an overview. In: Oxford Encyclopaedia of Evolution. M. Pagel (eds) Oxford University Press, Oxford. Pp. 891-895. Bielawski, J. P. and J. R Gold. 2002. Mutation patterns of mitochondrial H- and L-strand DNA in closely related cyprinid fishes. Genetics 161:1589-1597. Bielawski, J. P., A. C. Brault, and J. R Gold. 2002. Phylogenetic relationships within genus Pimephales (Cyprinidae: Teleostei). Journal of Fish Biology 61: 293-297. Anisimova, M., J. P. Bielawski, and Z. Yang. 2002. Evaluation of the Bayesian approach to detecting codon sites under positive Darwinian selection. Molecular Biology and Evolution 19:950-958.