Boantza, Victor - History/ Philosophy

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University of Sydney
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History/ Philosophy
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17th Century
18th Century
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History and philosophy of early modern science, in particular chemistry, physics, and the experimental sciences; historiography; science and religion; the history of technology; he has written on Boyle Duclos, Priestley, Kirwan, the mechanical philosophy, the chemical revolution, and Enlightenment science
PHD Program: 
Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
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University of Toronto
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Major Publications: 
Matter and Method in the Long Chemical Revolution: Laws of Another Order. Burlington: Ashgate, forthcoming 2012. Controversies Within the Scientific Revolution (co-edited with M.Dascal). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2011. "Chymical Philosophy and Boyle’s Incongruous Philosophical Chymistry." International Archives of the History of Ideas, forthcoming 2012. "Reaching Far and Wide: The Commercial Life of the New Science," Science as Culture, forthcoming 2012. "The 'Absolute Existence' of Phlogiston: The Losing Party’s Point of View" (with O. Gal). British Journal for the History of Science, 44 (2011): 317-42. "From Experimental to Corporate Knowledge in Early Modern Science." Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 42 (2011): 613-17. "From Cohesion to Pesanteur: The Origins of the 1669 Debate on the Causes of Gravity," Controversies Within the Scientific Revolution, V. Boantza and M. Dascal (eds) Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins (2011): 77-100. "Alkahest and Fire: Debating Matter, Chymistry, and Natural History at the Early Parisian Academy of Sciences." The Body as Object and Instrument of Knowledge: Embodied Empiricism in Early Modern Science, O. Gal and C. Wolfe (eds). Dordrecht: Springer (2010): 75-92. "The Phlogistic Role of Heat in the Chemical Revolution and Kirwan's 'Ingenious Modifications… into the Theory of Phlogiston.'" Annals of Science, 65 (2008): 309-338. "Collecting Airs and Ideas: Joseph Priestley's Style of Experimental Reasoning." Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 38 (2007): 506-522. ''Light in the Pneumatic Context: Aspects of Interplay between Theory and Practice in Early Photochemical Research." Historia Scientiarum, 16 (2006): 105-128.
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History of Science Society Canadian Historical Association
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History and philosophy of early modern science; the scientific and chemical revolutions; Enlightenment science; early modern intellectual history