Bowden, Gary - Sociology

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University of New Brunswick
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North America
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1) Contemporary Canadian and American Energy and Environmental Issues and Policy 2) The development of ecological sociology -- an integration of ecology and sociology -- through the application of complex adaptive systems theory to understand long term environment-society interaction, particularly in relation to fundamental macro-level changes (e.g., the collapse of societies, the emergence of modern economic growth)
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University of Calgary
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Major Publications: 
Bowden, G. (2004). Reconstructing colonialism: Graphic layout and design, and the construction of ideology. Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 41(2):217-40. Bowden, G. (2004) From environmental to ecological sociology. In K. Richmond (Ed.) TASA 2004: Proceedings of the Australian Sociology Association, December 2004. Bowden, G. (2004) Ideology and the limits of human ingenuity: The case of the Norse Greenlanders. In K. Richmond (Ed.) TASA 2004: Proceedings of the Australian Sociology Association December 2004. Bowden, G. (1996). Doing statistics using microcase. (with William Fox) Bellevue, Washington: Microcase Corporation Bowden, G. (1995). Coming of age in STS: Some methodological musings. In Markle, Petersen, Jasanoff and Pinch (Eds.), The handbook of science and technology studies. Sage: Beverly Hills, Ca: Sage Publications, pp. 64-79. Bowden, G., Editor (1994) Social studies of the environment. Special Issue of the Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 31(3). Bowden, G. (1990). From sociology to theology: A reply to Lipset. Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 27(4):536-9. Bowden, G. (1989). Labour unions in the public mind: The Canadian case. Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 26(5):123-42. Bowden, G. (1985). The social construction of validity in estimates of U.S. crude oil reserves. Social Studies of Science, 15(2):207-240. Bowden, G. (1982). Estimating U.S. crude oil resources: Organizational interests, political economy and historical change. Pacific Sociological Review (now Sociological Perspectives), 25(4):419-448.
Membership in Academic Societies: 
Society for the Social Study of Science, Canadian and American Sociology Associations, Environmental Studies Association of Canada
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Environmental Sociology, Complex Adaptive Systems, Technology and Social Change