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Events Listing 4 August 2010

Halifax Situating Science Events

 4 August

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1. Local Events

Research on Research

The Atlantic Node has begun research into the cost efficiency of scientific research at Canadian universities.

The preliminary report is now available below. Please send any comments or critiques to


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Node Manager

Dr. Ford Doolittle, Dr. Mélanie Frappier, Dr. Brian Noble, Dr. Gordon McOuatDr. Letitia Meynell.  



Movie Night

SituSci sponsored a fall sci fi film series, consisting of movie screenings and panel discussions every Tuesday evening throughout the month of October.

Works in Progress (WIP)

Upcoming Presentations

Upcoming presentations will be listed as soon as they are scheduled. 


Past Presentations

"Ibn al-Nafis's New Physiology”

Thursday January 27th, in the Frazee Room, 2nd floor NAB, University of King's College.