Demopoulos, William -

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University of Western Ontario
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Area of Research
Time Period: 
19th and 20th Century
Specific Area of Research: 
Philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, history of analytic philosophy, historical and systematic aspects of logicism in the philosophy of arithmetic, the approach to the theory of theories arising out of the tradition of Russell, Ramsey and Carnap
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University of Western Ontario
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Major Publications: 
Edited Volumes Meaning and Cognitive Structure: Issues in the Computational Theory of Mind, co-editor with Z. Pylyshyn, (Ablex Publishing Co.: 1986) Language Learning and Concept Acquisition, co-editor with A. Marras, (Ablex Publishing Co.: 1986) Learnability and Linguistic Theory, Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics, Vol. 9,co-editor with R.J. Matthews, (Kluwer: 1990) Frege's Philosophy of Mathematics, (Harvard University Press: 1995) Physical Theory and Its Interpretation: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey Bub, co-editor with Itamar Pitowsky (Springer: 2006)
Courses Taught: 
Undergraduate Philosophy of science Philosophy of language Introduction to theory of knowledge Philosophy of mind Introduction to logical theory Intermediate logic The philosophy of Bertrand Russell Introduction to philosophy 4th year undergraduate/graduate Contemporary analytic philosophy Introduction to the metatheory of first-order logic Philosophy of science Graduate Theoretical analyticity Recent work on Carnap and logical empiricism Philosophical aspects of ramified type theory Topics in the history of analytic philosophy Philosophy of language in the philosophy of science Russellian theories of theories Logicism and its later development by Carnap and others Metaphysics and the philosophy of language Origins of analytic philosophy Foundations of mathematics Philosophy of logic The metatheory of PROLOG Formal learning theory Foundations of cognitive science Model theory Philosophy of quantum mechanics Philosophy of space & time