Sciences and Narratives of Nature: East and West

Mon., Dec. 12, 2011, 9:00am - Wed., Dec. 14, 2011, 5:00pm
Video and podcast of keynote available. Manipal, India: The workshop examined developments in Science and Technology Studies in the "East" as compared with those in the "West".

Thank you for a superb event!

Scientific Authority within Democratic Societies Workshop

Mon., Jun. 27, 2011, 9:00am - Tue., Jun. 28, 2011, 5:00pm

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia


Bently Allan's blog entry HERE


Intersections: New Approaches to Science and Technology in 20th C. China and India

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Fri., Apr. 8, 2011, 9:00am - Sun., Apr. 10, 2011, 6:00pm

April 8-10, 2011
York University

Keynote Lecture:

Cohort Spaces: Reflections on Creating Knowledge About India and China
Victoria Marshall, Assistant Professor of Urban Design at Parsons the New School for Design at the New School, New York
Saturday April 9, 2011

Circulating Knowledge, East and West

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Wed., Jul. 21, 2010 (All day) - Fri., Jul. 23, 2010 (All day)

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Science Without Data: The Role of Thought Experiments in Empirical Investigations Workshop. Dalhousie University June 18-19

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Thu., Jun. 17, 2010 (All day)

Note: This workshop also has strong connections with the theme Scientific Communication and its Publics

Location: Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS.

This two-day workshop brought together close to 20 philosophers, historians, anthropologists, and scientists for a discussion of their most recent work on thought experiments.

Scientific Models and Simulations (4) Worskhop. UofT May 7-9, 2010

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Fri., May. 7, 2010 (All day) - Sun., May. 9, 2010 (All day)

Note: This workshop also has ties with the following Themes:

Scientific Communication and its Publics Theme and Historical Epistemology and Ontology Theme.

Location: University of Toronto

Current issues in Darwinian Theory Workshop. Dalhousie University Oct. 14-17, 2009

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Wed., Oct. 14, 2009 (All day) - Sat., Oct. 17, 2009 (All day)

In celebration of the anniversary of the publication of Charles' Darwin's On the Origin of Species, this workshop included a set of three public evening lectures with over 400 in attendance.

Co sponsors: CIFAR, Dalhousie University, Australian Council and University of King's College

Varieties of Empathy in Science, Art and Culture Workshop. UBC Oct 10-11 2009

Sat., Oct. 10, 2009 (All day) - Sun., Oct. 11, 2009 (All day)

The recent discovery of mirror neurons, which fire in a macaque monkey when the monkey either observes or performs a given movement, has ushered in a resurgence of interest in the meanings and mechanisms of empathy. The purported role of these neurons in empathic responses in monkeys and humans has led to an array of neuroscientific studies of cognition and autism.

Health Legacies: Militarization, Health and Society Workshop. UofA Sept. 18-19, 2009

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Fri., Sep. 18, 2009 (All day) - Sat., Sep. 19, 2009 (All day)
A one day workshop to examine the human and environmental health consequences of war. 
Exploring the impact of militarization and demilitarization on the health and welfare of individuals, society, and nature. 

Addressing themes of gender, race, sexuality, public policy, politics, social justice, science, technology, medical experimentation, and the environment. 

Reading Artifacts: A Summer Institute in the Material Culture of Science. CSTM, Aug. 17-21, 2009

Mon., Aug. 17, 2009, 12:00pm - Fri., Aug. 21, 2009, 12:00pm

A Summer Institute at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum.

Organizer: David Pantalony

Please see attached report for more information.

Reassessing the Governance of Clinical Trials: Preventing Real World Risks at the Gate

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Mon., Mar. 9, 2009, 8:00am - Tue., Mar. 10, 2009, 5:00pm

Dalhousie University (Technoscience and Regulation Research Unit)

Organizer: Janice Graham, TRRU, Dalhousie University; Mavis Jones, Dalhousie University

Workshop information here

Final report avail. upon request.

Critical Debates in Evidence Based Medicine: Where we've been and Where we're Going Workshop. Toronto, Nov 14-16, 2008

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Fri., Nov. 14, 2008 (All day) - Sun., Nov. 16, 2008 (All day)

Where we've been and Where we're Going (An Interdisciplinary Workshop).

University of Toronto


Review by M. Cournoyea HERE

Trust in Science Worskhop Oct. 15-16th, 2007

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Mon., Oct. 15, 2007 (All day) - Tue., Oct. 16, 2007 (All day)

On October 15 and 16, 2007 in Toronto, leaders in broadcasting, journalism, and museology joined scientists and scholars from the social sciences and humanities engaged in the study of science and technology for an interdisciplinary workshop, titled Trust In Science.