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California State University
(559) 790-0604
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Animal Ethics, epistemology, neuroethics, philosophy of animal minds, philosophy of autism
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University of Calgary
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Major Publications: 
Andrew Fenton. Forthcoming. Can a chimp say "no"? Re-envisioning chimpanzee dissent in harmful research. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics. Andrew Fenton. 2012. Neuroscience and the Problem of Other Animal Minds: Why It May Not Matter So Much for Neuroethics. The Monist, 95(3): 464-487. Timothy Krahn and Andrew Fenton. 2012. The Extreme Male Brain Theory of Autism and the Potential Adverse Effects for Boys and Girls with Autism. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 9(1): 93-103. Andrew Fenton. 2012. On the need to redress an inadequacy in animal welfare science: toward an internally coherent framework. Biology and Philosophy, 27(1): 73-93. Andrew Fenton. 2012. Re-Conceiving Nonhuman Animal Knowledge Through Contemporary Primate Cognitive Studies. In Philosophy of Behavioral Biology edited by K.S. Plaisance and T.A.C. Reydon. New York: Springer, 125-146. Andrew Fenton. 2011. Brain death: steel magnolias. In The Picture of Health: Medical Ethics and the Movies edited by H. Colt, S. Quadrelli, and L. Friedman. New York: Oxford University Press, 392-399. Andrew Fenton and Frederick Gilbert. 2011. Remembering the animals: Preclinical ethics and emergent embryonic stem cell research for spinal cord injuries. Journal of Animal Ethics, 1(1): 37-45. Timothy Krahn, Andrew Fenton, Letitia Meynell. 2010. Novel Neurotechnologies in Film - a Reading of Steven Spielberg's Minority Report. Neuroethics, 3: 73-88. Timothy Krahn and Andrew Fenton. 2009. Autism, Empathy and Questions of Moral Agency. Journal for the Theory of Social behavior, 39(2): 145-66. Andrew Fenton, Letitia Meynell and Francoise Baylis. 2009. Ethical challenges and interpretive difficulties with non-clinical applications of pediatric fMRI. The American Journal of Bioethics, 9(1): 3-13. Andrew Fenton. 2009. Buddhism and neuroethics: the ethics of pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement. Developing World Bioethics, 9(2): 47-56. Andrew Fenton and Sheri Alpert. 2008. Extending our view on using BCIs for Locked-in syndrome. Neuroethics, 1(2): 119-32. Andrew Fenton and Timothy Krahn. 2007. Autism, neurodiversity and equality beyond "the normal." Journal of Ethics in Mental Health, 2(2). Françoise Baylis and Andrew Fenton. 2006. Chimera Research and Stem Cell Therapies for Human Neurodegenerative Disorders. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 16: 194-206.
Courses Taught: 
Phil 130 "Philosophy of Religion" (Fall, 2012 [CSU-Fresno]) Phil 120 "Contemporary Conflicts of Morals" (Fall, 2012; Spring, 2012; Fall, 2011 [CSU-Fresno]) Phil 170T "Minding Animals: Exploring philosophical issues surrounding the human use of other animals" (Spring, 2012 [CSU-Fresno])