Hayden receives Canada Council for the Arts Killam prize

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Me., Avr. 20, 2011, 9:15am

The Canada Council for the Arts awards Dr. Michael Hayden of University of British Columbia  a Killam prize. Hayden was a Trust in the New Sciences National Lecture Series presenter.

From the Canada Council for the Arts:

Mr. Joseph L. Rotman, Chair of the Canada Council for the Arts, noted, “One of the most prestigious research awards in the world, the Killam Prizes recognize the incredible accomplishments of these five internationally renowned experts. They bring creativity and dedication to their fields of study, introducing innovations that ultimately have an impact on the lives of Canadians.”

“The Trustees of the Killam Trusts are delighted with the selection of these five eminent Killam Prize winners. In establishing the trusts, Dorothy J. Killam said her purpose was ‘to increase the scientific and scholastic attainments of Canadians,’ and ‘to develop and expand the work of Canadian universities,’” said Killam Trusts Managing Trustee George Cooper. “The announcement today of these world class scholars and researchers ensures that Mrs. Killam’s objective continues to be amply fulfilled.”

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