Fraser, Craig -

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Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, U of T
University Affiliation: 
University of Toronto
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Area of Research
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Time Period: 
18th and 19th Century
20th Century
Specific Area of Research: 
History of mathematics and mechanics; analysis from 1700, in particular the calculus of variations; foundations of mathematics; J.L. Lagrange, Leonhard Euler, Augustin Cauchy, Carl Gustav Jacobi, Adolph Mayer, Karl Weierstrass; modern cosmology, interactions of theoretical and observational cosmology 1920-1965
PHD Program: 
History of Science
PHD University: 
University of Toronto
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Major Publications: 
The Cosmos: A Historical Perspective (Greenwood Publishers, 2006). “1744 Leonhard Euler, book on the calculus of variations” and “Joseph Louis Lagrange, Théorie des fonctions analytiques,” in Landmark Writings in Western Mathematics 1640-1940, Ed. I. Grattan-Guinness. (Elsevier, 2005). pp. 168-180 and pp. 208-224. “The Calculus of Variations: A Historical Survey,” in A History of Analysis, Ed. H. N. Jahnke, (American Mathematical Society, 2003), pp. 355-384. “The Early History of Hamilton-Jacobi Theory,” Centaurus 44 (2003), pp. 161-227. With Michiyo Nakane. "History of Mathematics in the Eighteenth Century", in Roy Porter (Ed.), The Cambridge History of Science Volume 4 Eighteenth-Century Science (2003), pp. 305-327. Calculus and Analytical Mechanics in the Age of Enlightenment (Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate, 1997).
Membership in Academic Societies: 
International Academy of the History of Science, Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, History of Science Society, American Mathematical Society, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, International Commission on the History of Mathematics
Courses Taught: 
Graduate Courses HPS5001H Fundamentals of the History of Mathematics HPS1052H Topics in the History of Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Mathematics HPS5009H Fundamentals of the History of Astronomy Undergraduate Courses INX 199 History of Cosmology HPS/MAT 390H History of Mathematics before 1700 HPS/MAT 391H History of Mathematics after 1700 HPS 360 History of Modern Cosmology HPS 200 Scientific Revolutions