Garrett, Brian -

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McMaster University
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17th Century
Specific Area of Research: 
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, 17th c. philosophy, history and philosophy of biology
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McGill University
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Major Publications: 
"Santayana's Treatment of Teleology", The Bulletin of the Santayana Society No. 8, 2010; "Causal Essentialism Versus the Zombie Worlds", Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 39, No. 1, pp. 93-112, March 2009; "Wonder Among the Cartesians and Natural Magicians", Topics in Early Modern Philosophy of Mind, edited by Jon Miller, Springer Publications, pp. 39-57, 2009; "What the History of Vitalism Teaches Us About Consciousness and the Hard Problem", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Vol. LXXII, No. 3, pp. 616-628, May 2006; "Teleology and Vitalism in the Natural Philosophy of Nehemiah Grew (1641-1712)", British Journal for the History of Science Vol. 36(1), pp. 63-81, 2003; "Defending Non-Epiphenomenal Event Dualism", Southern Journal of Philosophy Vol. XXXVIII, No. 3, 2000; "Héritabilité Causale et Propriétés Èmergentes", Philosophique (Quebec Journal of Philosophy), 2000; "Davidson on Causal Relevance", Ratio Vol. XII, No. 1, 1999; "Pluralism, Causation and Overdetermination", Synthese Vol. 116, No. 3, 1998; "Non-reductionism and John Searle's The Rediscovery of Mind", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Vol. LV, No. 1, 1995.
Membership in Academic Societies: 
American Philosophical Association Canadian Philosophical Association Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science Ontario Roundtable For the Philosophy of Language (York) Medieval and Early Modern Research Group (McMaster)
Courses Taught: 
i) Undergraduate: 2008-9 1E03 Philosophical Problems 3E03 Philosophy of Language 4H03 Metaphysics 2007-8 1E03 Philosophical Problems 3E03 Philosophy of Language 4H03 Metaphysics 2006-7 1E03 Philosophical Problems 3E03 Philosophy of Language 4H03 Metaphysics 2005-6 1E03 Philosophical Problems 3O03 Epistemology 4H03 Metaphysics 2004-5 2C06 Early Modern Philosophy 3EO3 Philosophy of language 4H03 Metaphysics ii) Graduate: 2008-9 Phil. 762