Hooton, Doug -

Personal Information
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Last Name: 
Department / Program: 
Dept. of Civil Engineering
University Affiliation: 
University of Toronto
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Area of Research
Geographical Region: 
North America
Time Period: 
19th and 20th Century
Specific Area of Research: 
Early developments in cements and concrete, how the industry has been shaped (and sometimes confined) by developments in early standards and specifications
PHD Program: 
Civil Engineering
PHD University: 
McMaster University
PHD Date: 
Major Publications: 
Hearn, N., Hooton, R.D. and Nokken, M.R., “Pore Structure and Permeability”, Chapter in Significance of Tests and Properties of Concrete and Concrete Making Materials, ASTM STP169D, May 2006 Hooton, R.D., Co-Editor with M.D.A. Thomas, J. Marchard, J.A. Beaudoin and J.P. Skalny, “Ion and Mass Transport in Cement-Based Materials”, Materials Science of Concrete Special Volume, American Ceramic Society, 2001, 300 pp. Hooton, R.D., Editor, “Advances in Cement and Concrete”, Engineering Foundation, New York, 1999. Hearn, N., Hooton, R.D. and Mills, R. H., “Pore Structure and Permeability”, Chapter 25 in Significance of Tests and Properties of Concrete and Concrete Making Materials, ASTM STP169C, 1994 (pp. 240-262). (Received the ASTM Sanford E. Thomson Award in 1998). Hooton, R.D., Co-Editor (with P. Klieger), Carbonate Additions to Cement, ASTM STP 1064, 1990. Hooton, R.D., “The Reactivity and Hydration Products of Blast-Furnace Slag”, Chapter in Supplementary Cementing Materials, editor, V.M. Malhotra, CANMET 1987, pp. 247-288 (also translated into French, 1991).
Membership in Academic Societies: 
American Concrete Institute (ACI): 1977-present (Fellow, 1989) American Ceramics Society, Cements Division; 1977-present (Board of Trustees: 1996-1999, Fellow: 1998, Division Chair: 1993-1994, Brunauer Award Committee: 1990; Program Committee: 1990-1992, Division Secretary 1988) ASTM: 1982-present (Committee C01), 1983-present (Committee C09) Association of Professional Engineers in the Province of Ontario (APEO) since 1980 Canadian Standard Association (CSA) 1986-present Ontario Chapter ACI, 1981-present (Served as Director 1984-1987, President, 1988, Past President 1989, Nominations Committee, 1997) ACI 2000 Conference Organizing Committee, 1997-2000. Materials Research Society (1981-1982, 1988-89) Transportation Research Board (1989-present) Canadian Society of Civil Engineering, Faculty Representative and Toronto Section Executive (1987-2000) RILEM 2000-present (on technical committees since 1986)
Courses Taught: 
Transport and Fixation of Matter in Graduate Cement-Based Materials Microstructure of Cementitious Graduate Materials CIV 514 Concrete Technology, CIV 1250 Instrumentation Methods