Jones, Nicola - Journalism

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Journalism, UBC School of; Science Journalism Research Group
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University of British Columbia
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North America
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Throughout her career, Nicola has been interested in broader issues of science communication and the community of science journalism. She is now a commissioning editor for the opinion section of Nature, part time, and a freelance reporter. Her reporting focuses on Earth sciences, climate change, and oddities of science.
Major Publications: 
As editor: The Man Who Unveiled China An English biochemist single-handedly changed the West’s perception of China, revealing its past scientific glories and predicting more to come. Simon Winchester investigates the ongoing legacy of Joseph Needham. 30 Years: From IVF to Stem Cells Ruth Deech, former chair of Britain’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, reflects on how the science that gave an infertile couple a baby has been extended to saving lives. As reporter: North America’s first carbon tax faces judgement Climate Crunch: Sucking it up It’s simple to mop carbon dioxide out of the air, but it could cost a lot of money. In the second of three features on the carbon challenge, Nicola Jones talks with the scientists pursuing this strategy.
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She has been a judge for several award committees, appeared as a guest on radio and television to help present science stories; taught a one-day course for staff at Nature Publishing Group on science writing; and was an invited speaker at the Brighton Science Festival in 2005.
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Critical Thinking in Science Journalism