Approaches to the Anthropocene: A Conversation with Philippe Descola and Bruno Latour

Wed., Sep. 25, 2013, 5:00pm - , 7:30pm

Approaches to the Anthropocene Join us for a conversation with Bruno Latour and Philippe Descola 
Vancouver: September 25th, 2013, 5:30 PM   through   7:00 PM

Location: Museum of Anthropology
Great Hall, 6393 Northwest Marine Drive, Vancouver


The UBC node is pleased to support this event.


Bruno Latour and Philippe Descola are two of France’s most prominent intellectuals, and both have redefined their respective fields of expertise by considering the place of human agency – and non-human actors – in the construction of the modern world. In this conversation, Latour and Descola will discuss the idea of the anthropocene, a new geological era in which humans have become the principal agents for the transformation of our planetary systems: from small-scale consumption of natural resources to large-scale human-induced climate change. Drawing on the fields of anthropology, science studies, and other allied disciplines, these two thinkers will discuss their views on how human intervention in the natural world has not only transformed planetary ecosystems, but also the very ideas and models we use to think about the planet as a whole.

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