Candis Callison: Co-producing Care, Navigating Climate and Media Change

Thu., Oct. 25, 2012, 5:00pm - , 6:30pm

"Co-Producing Care: Navigating Climate and Media Change"
Candis Callison, School of Journalism, UBC
Oct. 25th, 5PM
Rm 1197, Buchanan Tower

In an era of immense media change where audiences, platforms, and practices are in flux, it is ever more challenging to engage diverse publics concerning complex scientific issues. Much of the discussion around and about climate change assumes that more facts and reporting are required for heightening public engagement, ignoring the myriad ways in which socialization, meaning-making, and ethical frameworks co-produce how facts come to matter for individuals and groups. This talk will offer insights on how best to navigate contentious evidence-based issues in evolving media platforms and public fora

The STS series is supported by the UBC Situating Science Node.