Feng, Patrick -

Personal Information
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Department / Program: 
Department of Communication and Culture
University Affiliation: 
University of Calgary
1 (403) 220-6819
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Area of Research
Specific Area of Research: 
Science and technology policy; politics of international standards-setting Technology policy Philosophy of Technology, Health Informatics and Health Policy Social Innovation Technological Governance
PHD Program: 
Science and Technology Studies
PHD University: 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Major Publications: 
Chapters in Books: Feng, Patrick, Ben Li, and Cooper Langford. Forthcoming. “300 People Who Make a Difference: Associative Governance in Calgary.” To be published in Civic Engagement and Collaborative Governance in Canadian City-Regions, Neil Bradford and Allison Bramwell, eds. University of Toronto Press. Feng, Patrick and Andrew Feenberg. 2008. "Thinking about Design: Critical Theory of Technology and the Design Process." Philosophy and Design: From Engineering to Architecture, Pieter Vermaas, Peter Kroes, Andrew Light, and Steven Moore, eds., Springer. Feng, Patrick. 2007. "Shaping Technical Standards: Where are the Users?" Shaping Science & Technology Policy: The Next Generation of Research, David H. Guston and Daniel Sarewitz, eds., University of Wisconsin Press. Journal Articles: Feng, Patrick, Dan Meeking, and Richard Hawkins, eds. 2007. Proceedings of the 5th IEEE conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology, October 17-19, 2007 in Calgary, Canada. Feng, Patrick. 2003. "Studying Standardization: A Review of the Literature." Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology, October 22-24, 2003 in Delft, The Netherlands. Feng, Patrick. 2000. "Rethinking Technology, Revitalising Ethics: Overcoming Barriers to Ethical Design." Science and Engineering Ethics, 6(2): 207-20.
Courses Taught: 
STAS 201: Introduction to Science, Technology and Society STAS 341: New Media, Technology and Society STAS 423: Politics and Technology LWSO 423: Law and Technology STAS 591: Integrative Seminar COMS 623: Social Contexts of Technology