Call for Papers: The Changing Dynamics of Scientific Collaborations at HICSS (January 4th 2011)

CFP: Workshop on The Changing Dynamics of Scientific Collaborations at HICSS (January 4th 2011)
Following on from successful workshops at CHI and CSCW we call for 3- to 4-page position papers on the following topics, especially those with a focus on understanding or supporting changing practices in these areas:
- Collaborative scientific applications concerning data gathering, analysis, sharing, and visualization
- Case studies concerning data gathering, analysis, sharing and visualization
- Socio-technical research on scientific collaborations
- Research on the scientific software ecosystem
- Social networks of scientists
- Repurposing social software for science
- Participatory design and/or rapid prototyping for scientific software
- Distributed data gathering and analysis
- Time-critical scientific applications
- Studies of generational differences in how science is done
- Cross-functional applications and comparisons of a scientific to a non-scientific field
- Science and Innovation policy questions on these issues at science funding bodies and beyond.
The workshop will bring together
- researchers who study scientific practices and collaboration
- designers and software developers deploying new types of collaborative
The goal of the workshop is to produce a white paper to report on the state of the field and to delineate themes and current challenges.
Please email workshop papers to James Howison <> by October 1st.
Best regards,
James Howison
Cecilia Aragon
Charlotte Lee
Claudio Silva