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The Atlantic Node is run out of the University of King's College and Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS.

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The Atlantic Node distributes an events listing every second Saturday.  Items include local news and events, national and international events, and employment and funding opportunities.

Our "Friends"

The Atlantic Node has a very active network of friends and associates, representing most Atlantic universities and a wide variety of disciplines.  If you want to subscribe to our newsletter, send a note to Paul Armstrong <>.


Node Manager(s)

Dr. Ford Doolittle, Dr. Mélanie Frappier, Dr. Brian Noble, Dr. Gordon McOuat, Dr. Letitia Meynell


The Atlantic Node is managed by a team of academics from the University of King's College and Dalhousie University.


Research and Development

Node Post-Doctoral Fellow 2012-13

Cindy Stelmackowich (PhD Binghampton University, SUNY, in Art History and Theory, 2010)

Cindy’s work focuses on the relation between science, knowledge and representation. Her dissertation was an inter-disciplinary examination of 19th-century anatomical atlases. Current research focuses on the function of anatomical and pathological illustration in the emerging medical profession, medical teaching institutions, and book publishing industry. This study analyzes the visual rhetoric of anatomical imagery and how illustrations and new types of scientific publications were central to the construction of scientific knowledge. Cindy’s curatorial and science museum work also demonstrates an expertise in scientific instruments, anatomical collections and medical artifacts.

Node Students

PhD Student

Paul Armstrong, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Dalhousie University

Paul Armstrong is a doctoral student in sociology at Dalhousie, with research interests in the development of the social sciences.  Current work focuses on the interwar period and the theoretical and methodological debates which paved the way for the dominance of analytical and formal approaches in the postwar period.  His broader interests are focused on the relation between religion and civil society.  This has led to his involvement in a large-scale project about the Irish Catholic community in nineteenth century Halifax.  He has done work in economic development and policy analysis.

MA Student

Megan Dean, Department of Philosophy, University of Alberta

Megan has recently completed her Master's degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Her thesis elaborated a Foucauldian account of experience to think through the potentially transformative effects of feminist critiques of embodiment on experiences of bodies. Her academic interests include theories of embodiment, feminist theory, animal ethics, and the philosophy of science.


Past Work

HOPOS 2012

SituSci Atlantic hosted the 2012 meeting of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science. 

Works in Progress (WIP)

The Atlantic Node invited our friends and colleagues to present their work to their peers for feedback and discussion.

Research on Research

The Atlantic Node has begun preliminary work into an investigation of scientific research and funding at universities.

Nova Scotia Institute of Science Science Writing and Video Competition

The Atlantic Node partnered with the NS Institute of Science to promote the 2011 Science Writing and Video competition. 

Sci Fi Movie and Panel Discussion Series

The Atlantic Node sponsored a sci fi film series on Tuesday evenings throughout October, 2010.

Science Without Data: The Role of Thought Experiments in Empirical Investigations

The Node hosted this two-day workshop, bringing together close to 20 philosophers, historians, anthropologists, and scientists for a discussion of their most recent work on thought experiments.





Upcoming Node Events

Node News and Events

Isaac Newton, Philosopher
Isaac Newton, Philosopher Dr. Andrew Janiak, Creed C. Black Associate Professor of Philosophy Duke University, Durham, North Carolina Author of Newton as Philosopher (Cambridge University Press, 2008...
Isaac Newton’s General Scholium to the Principia: Science, Religion and Metaphysics
“Isaac Newton’s General Scholium to the Principia: Science, Religion and Metaphysics”Tercentenary Workshop October 24-26, 2013 University of King’s College, Halifax, NSThe Situating Science Atlantic...
Philip Kitcher: Can we Sustain Democracy and the Planet Too?
CAN WE SUSTAIN DEMOCRACY, AND THE PLANET TOO? Examining Scientific Expertise in Public Life Dr. Philip Kitcher, John Dewey Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University Thurs. Oct. 3, 7PM Ondaatje...
Panel: Human relationships with dogs, from the home front to the wild side
Human relationships with dogs, from the home front to the wild side Saturday, July 13, 2013, 7:30pm Coburg Coffee House 6085 Coburg Road Open Academy panel (and audience) discussion (free event)This...
Marc Bekoff: Beastly Passions and Compassionate Conservation
Beastly Passions and Compassionate Conservation: Redecorating Nature, Expanding Our Compassion Footprint, and Rewilding Our Hearts Friday, July 12 2013, 7:30 p.m. Scotiabank Auditorium Marion McCain...
Human Animal Relations
The Animal Studies Group, in collaboration with the Royal Society of Canada, the Evolution Studies Group, and the Situating Science Strategic Knowledge Cluster, is pleased to announce two upcoming...
Aelita: Queen of Mars Screening with Live Music
Come to the event of the year. Aelita: Queen of Mars has landed! The Halifax Independent Filmmaker's Festival launches with a special live musical screening of the first Soviet science fiction film...
Model Bodies Exhibit
“Model Bodies” Launch Wed. March 13th (special invite) We invite members of the Medical Humanities, Atlantic Node and associated groups to the launch of the “Model Bodies” exhibition. ...
Bruce Curtis: From 'the People' to 'Population': a genealogy of Canadian social science
From 'the People' to 'Population': a genealogy of Canadian social science Bruce Curtis, Carleton University       Fri., March 15, 2013,  2:30 to 4:00 pm. The MacMechan...
Bodies Laid Bare in Law, Culture and Anatomy
BODIES LAID BARE IN LAW, CULTURE AND ANATOMY Wed. March 20, 2013 5PM Tupper Link Commons (by Tim Horton's), Sir Charles Tupper Building, Dalhousie University 5850 College Street, Halifax, NSPodcast...
The Bright Dark Ages: Comparative and Connective Perspectives
The Bright Dark Ages: Comparative and Connective Perspectives 27 Feb 2013 - 28 Feb 2013 Ari Seminar Room Tower Block Level 10, 469A Bukit Timah Road National University of Singapore @ BTC Photos also...
Suzanne Zeller: The Natural History of a Sustainable Institution
In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science, established in 1862, the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society (and co-sponsors) is presenting a public lecture by Dr...
Evelyn Fox Keller: The Post-Genomic Genome
Th. Nov. 1                 3:30-4:30pm: "The Post-Genomic Genome" Dalhousie University Department of Biology seminar series. 5th Floor...
Reengineering Philosophy for Limited Beings - a roundtable discussion of William Wimsatt's book led by Evelyn Fox Keller
Friday Oct. 26th 3:30-5:30pm: "Reengineering Philosophy for Limited Beings - a roundtable discussion of William Wimsatt's book led by Evelyn Fox Keller" Chair: Richmond Campbell, Department of...
Evelyn Fox Keller: Language, Gender and Science
Oct. 18th, 2012 12:15pm-2pm: "Language, Gender, and Science." Seton 404/405 (faculty lounge), Mount St. Vincent University, 166 Bedford Highway.          Hosted by...