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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Arthur, Richard - McMaster University OTHER Early modern philosophy (especially Leibniz); philosophy of time and space; history and philosophy of science and mathematics; history of materialism
Atkinson-Grosjean, Janet - Sociology University of British Columbia OTHER Researchers and research organizations that cross boundaries (public/private; basic/applied; science/commerce; geographic; institutional; disciplinary); translational science
Baber, Zaheer - Sociology University of Toronto OTHER Historical sociology of science, technology and empire; botanical gardens, botany and empire; the internet and social activism; cybeculture
Bailey, Steve - Humanities York University OTHER Examination of issues of subjectivity, popular culture, and technology using a variety of philosophical, sociological, and psychoanalytic approaches
Bailey, Suzanne - English Trent University OTHER Victorian literature and culture, disability studies, 19th century hermeneutics, 19th century psychology and theories of heredity, Francis Galton, medical humanities, Victorian poetry and lifewriting, aging studies
Balka, Ellen - Women's Studies Simon Fraser University OTHER Design, implementation and use of health information technologies; gender and the design of technological systems; gender, technology and communication; impacts of technological change on women and minorities; participatory design and participatory ergonomics; public participation in technology assessments; Technology and Public Policy; Use of Computer Networks for Social Change; User Participation in Design of Technological Systems; Women
Baltus, Christopher - SUNY (Oswego) OTHER History of mathematics, continued fractions, algebra, analysis, geometry
Barney, Darin - McGill University OTHER Philosophy of technology, media and communication theory, and media and democracy
Batt, Sharon - Dalhousie University Sharon's dissertation research uses theories and methods from anthropology and science and technology studies (STS) to examine practices and ethical debates within Canada's breast cancer movement about funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Particular areas of interest within STS are patient groups and health movements, lay knowledges and public participation in science, feminist STS, and pharmaceuticals as sites of political struggle.
Baylis, Françoise - Dalhousie University Novel technologies, assisted human reproduction, research involving women, stem cell research, women's health, public health, and feminist ethics