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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Beatty, John - Philosophy University of British Columbia Philosophy His research focuses on the theoretical foundations, methodology, and socio-political dimensions of genetics and evolutionary biology (he is one of many UBC faculty specializing in history and philosophy of science, and science and technology studies). His current research projects concern, more specifically, 1) the distinction between "history" and "science," and the respects in which evolutionary biology is as much like former as it is like the latter, 2) the relationships between biology and "the state," from the Manhattan Project to the Human Genome Project, and 3) the theological dimensions of the Darwinian revolution (e.g., as reflected in the wonderful evolutionary parable, Water Babies).
Benson, Keith R. - History University of British Columbia OTHER 19th-20th c history of biology, history of marine biology, history of oceangraphy, and natural history
Benzaquen, Adriana - Mount Saint Vincent University History Dr. Benzaquén's current research project, “John Locke and the Clarkes of Chipley: Childhood, Family, Friendship and Gender in England, 1650-1720,” is a study of representations, understandings and experiences of childhood, family, friendship and gender through in-depth analysis of a correspondence network in England in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries; the "science of childhood" in early modern and Enlightenment Europe; the rise of the medical practitioner family advisor
Bergeron, Vincent - University of Ottawa Philosophy Philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of biology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of art
Berggren, John - Simon Fraser University OTHER The mathematical sciences in ancient Greece and medieval Islam; geometrical works of the 10th century Persian scientist, Abu Sahl al-Kuhi
Berryman, Sylvia - University of British Columbia OTHER Ancient Greek natural philosophy and the impact of Greek science on natural philosophy, the philosophical reception of optics, mechanics, medicine, pneumatics, as well as theories of mixture, qualities, causation and teleology
Bielawksi, Joseph - Dalhousie University Biology Department, Dalhousie University His research program is organized around two related themes: (1) microbial genomics and eco-genomics, and (2) statistical modeling of molecular evolution. The themes are tightly connected by his interest in reconciling functional divergence at the gene level with the evolution of complex microbial phenotypes.
Blute, Marion - Sociology University of Toronto OTHER Evolution, evolutionary epistemology, universal Darwinism or multi-process selection theory
Boantza, Victor - History/ Philosophy University of Sydney History History and philosophy of early modern science, in particular chemistry, physics, and the experimental sciences; historiography; science and religion; the history of technology; he has written on Boyle Duclos, Priestley, Kirwan, the mechanical philosophy, the chemical revolution, and Enlightenment science
Bocking, Stephen - History/ Philosophy Trent University OTHER Understanding the roles of science in environmental poltics both historically and through contemporary case studies; a study of the history of environmental science in northern Canada