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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Wood, Paul - University of Victoria History The intellectual history of early modern Europe: science in early modern Europe; the European enlightenment; eighteenth-century Scotland; history of universities
Woodill, Sharon - Dalhousie University philosophy of science, feminist epistemology, critical systems studies, and science and religion
Young, Allan - Anthropology McGill University OTHER psychogenic trauma, notably posttraumatic stress disorder; clinical practices and changing; the psychiatric science of trauma, specifically the epistemology and social determinants of psycho-neuro-hormonal research, epidemiological research, and diagnostic conventions; developments affecting the diagnosis of individual and collective trauma in the wake of the destruction of the World Trade Center; the 'social brain', its associated psychopathologies, and emergent clinical and theoretical interests in empathy; cruelty, understood as a legacy of human evolutionary biology
Zach, Richard - University of Calgary Philosophy Hilbert's program, history of logic, logical empiricism, Rudolf Carnap, proof theory and foundations of mathematics
Zilberstein, Anya - Concordia University History The relationship between land-use practices the construction of scientific expertise, and the ideology of settler colonization in early New England and Nova Scotia and the Atlantic world; improvement; landscape; geography/cartography