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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Smith, Lisa - University of Saskatchewan History The ways in which sufferers' experiences were shaped by their relationships with medical praticioners, family members and friends, gender, family and health care in early modern Europe
Smith, Robert - University of Alberta OTHER History of astronomy; history of the physical sciences (especially the history of astronomy, cosmology and spaceflight) in the United States; the history of technology from the late eighteenth century to the present
Smith, Susan - University of Alberta History Women/gender; health/medicine; race/ethnicity
Snobelen, Stephen - History University of King's College History of Science and Technology Snobelen specialises in the history of the interaction between science and religion. His current research focus is on the theological and prophetic views of Isaac Newton, but he also studies early modern natural philosophy, theology, heresy, biblical criticism, millenarianism and the popularisation of science.
Spoel, Philippa - English Laurentian University OTHER The history and theory of rhetoric, feminist approaches to rhetoric, and rhetoric of healthcare, science and professional communication, disciplinary knowledge-making and communication, and writing across the curriculum
Stahnisch, Frank - History University of Calgary History of Medicine & Health Care Program The problem of interdisciplinarity in the neuromorphological sciences between 1910 and 1945, with a special regard to émigrés German-speaking neurologists in North-America. The results shall give further hints as to how important interdisciplinary work is perceived in the neurosciences and their general research organisation. As such, the project is of multiple importance to the historiographical, epistemological, as well as the methodological aspects of the science studies. These investigations display themselves as a particular endeavour into a central yet, hitherto, neglected field within biomedical research and the neurosciences. Specific Area of Research: Historical epistemology of the biomedical sciences in the 19th and 20th century Interdisciplinary organisation of the morphological neurosciences in the early 20th century Historical and theoretical relations between the brain sciences and the philosophy of mind Forced-Migration of German-speaking Neuroscientists after 1933 History of Public Mental Health in North-America in the 20th century
Stainton, Robert J. - University of Western Ontario OTHER Philosophy of Linguistics and the cognitive sciences
Stam, Hank - Psychology University of Calgary OTHER History of early 20th century psychology and psychiatry; history of phenomenological psychology
Staum, Martin - University of Calgary History Nature versus nurture in 19th century french anthropology, ethnography, psychology and sociology. Current area nature-nurture problem in French social sciences, 1859-1914
Steigerwald, Joan - History/ Philosophy York University OTHER German natural philosophy at the turn of the 19th century, with emphasis on the interrelationship between experiments on organic phenomena, philosophical reflections upon the problem of knowledge of living organisms and aesthetics.