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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Sarty, Adam - St. Mary's University Quark substructure of the proton, and of the nucleon-nucleon interaction in light nuclei
Schlich, Thomas - McGill University OTHER History of modern medicine and science (18th-21st centuries), medicine and technology, surgery, body history
Scott, Rebecca - Sociology Queen's University OTHER Transdisciplinary research; health sciences; reproductive sciences; pregnancy and placenta; laboratory ethnography; public understanding of science; feminism; Brazil; new materialism; knowledge translation and mobilization. genera Research Group. Visiting Student Researcher Centro de Pesquisas em Saúde Reprodutiva de Campinas (CEMICAMP) and Centro de Atenção Integral à Saúde da Mulher (CAISM) Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) Campinas, Brazil
Secko, David - Journalism Concordia University OTHER Science journalism, journalism ethics, empirical testing of new models of journalism, social and ethical studies of genomics (GE3LS), democratic studies, public engagement
Shteir, Ann - Women's Studies York University OTHER women, gender, and the history of science; women and botany; and mythology and visual culture.
Siebrasse, Norman - Law University of New Brunswick OTHER Intellectual property law, in particular patent law, and topics at the intersection of commercial law and intellectual property law, such as security interests in intellectual property
Siler, Kyle - Sociology McMaster University OTHER The emergence and development of nascent academic disciplines; Definitions and Structures of Elite Formation in science.
Sismondo, Sergio - Queen's University OTHER Pharmaceutical science and marketing, realism, constructivism, and deflationism
Slater, Ian - York University OTHER Nuclear history, public/private sector innovation, business history
Smeenk, Chris - University of Western Ontario Philosophy History and philosophy of physics, general issues in philosophy of science, and seventeenth century natural philosophy.