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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Stephens, Christopher - University of British Columbia OTHER Conceptual foundations of evolutionary biology; foundations of probability and decision theory; applications of evolutionary biology, probability and decision theory to traditional philosophical problems
Sterne, Jonathan - History/ Philosophy McGill University OTHER Sound and music, history and philosophy of technology, cultural studies, digital media
Stewart, Ian - History/ Philosophy University of King's College History of Science and Technology Renaissance and early-modern natural philosophies; history of the universities; public understanding of science—past and present
Stewart, Larry - University of Saskatchewan OTHER History of early-modern science, physics, industry, medicine; Britain and Western Europe, 1660-1830; industrial revolution
Suteanu, Cristian - Geography St. Mary's University information dynamics, complexity science, patterns, environmental change, environmental communication, semiotics, information management
Szostak, Rick - University of Alberta OTHER As an economic historian I have written about technology primarily in the context of the British Industrial Revolution and American Great Depression. As a scholar of science I have classified the phenomena, theories, methods, and practices of the contemporary scientific enterprise. I have also written extensively on the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity.
Tabery, James - University of Utah Philosophy Philosophy of biology and bioethics, history of biology. On the philosophy of science side, he investigates questions of causation and explanation in biology; while on the applied ethics side, he explores how the answers to those questions have ethical, legal, and social implications.
Tal, Eran - Bielefeld University Philosophy The interplay between instruments and models in the physical sciences and on the impact of computer simulation methods on traditional notions of measurement and detection
Teo, Thomas - York University OTHER Critical studies in psychology and the social sciences, the ontological, epistemological, methodological, and ethical problems of psychology
Thagard, Paul - University of Waterloo Philosophy Analogy; creativity; coherence; mechanisms; decision making; moral psychology; conceptual change; explanatory reasoning; theoretical neuroscience; discovery and innovation; emotions and consciousness; integrating cognitive & social sciences