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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Outram, Simon - Dalhousie University Biotechnology and science communication within sub-Saharan Africa, the bioethical discussion surround cognitive enhancement practices
Overton, James - University of Western Ontario Philosophy Interdisciplinary explanation in science
Palmer, Eric - University of Victoria OTHER Descartes, Voltaire, methodology, Copernican revolution, early modern philosophy, enlightenment popularization of science
Pande, Ishita - Queen's University History Colonial Medicine, history of medicine and public health
Pantalony, David - University of Ottawa OTHER
Parsons, Charles - Philosophy Harvard University Philosophy mathematical logic, chiefly proof theory, philosophy of logic and mathematics, Kant's theoretical philosophy, other historical topics mainly having to do with philosophy of logic and mathematics since about 1870.
Percy, John - University of Toronto OTHER Stars and stellar evolution, science education. My present interest in history and philosophy is in connection with International Year of Astronomy 2009, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo's development and first use of the telescope. I am a member of the IYA Canada Committee, and coordinator for U of T.
Perry, Karen-Marie - Anthropology Simon Fraser University OTHER Building Resilience and rural health system capability for pre-disaster planning and preparedness project. Nanotechnology and health in British Columbia, medical nanotechnology and health in British Columbia, bionanotechnology and health in British Columbia
Petrina, Stephen - University of British Columbia OTHER Automation of professions; history and politics of the psy-ences; sociology of design; therapeutic society; new media
Pettigrew, Todd - English University of Cape Breton OTHER Shakespeare and medicine, medicine and Science in the English Renaissance, drama and the history of medicine