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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Mills, Eric - Dalhousie University OTHER History of biological and physical oceanography, 19th century natural history, history of science in Canada, the development of biological and physical oceanography
Mishra, Amrita - Anthropology Dalhousie University Her current research project is 'The Administration of a Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine for Minors: Challenges and Implications in the Canadian Context.' The project is a study of attitudes, practices, and knowledge transfers related to HPV vaccines.
Monstadt, Jochen - York University OTHER Urban and regional studies, environmental studies, human ecology, urban planning, regional planning, environmental governance and planning of urban infrastructures. A comparative study of energy and water management in Toronto, Los Angeles and Berlin
Montpetit, Eric - University of Montreal OTHER policy in Europe and North America within domains requiring scientific knowledge (notably biotechnology) ; on the role of experts in these domains; on policy learning and, more generally, on disagreements generated by the making of policy choices
Moran, James - University of Prince Edward Island History History of psychiatry, madness and mental health
Mosco, Vincent - Sociology Queen's University OTHER The sociology of communication and information technology; the political economy of the media; the sociology of knowledge workers; communication policy
Mullins, Lisa - History/ Philosophy Cambridge University My doctoral dissertation, "'La Philosophie Déguisé': Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle and Making Natural Knowledge" looks at elite French science from the 1680s to the early 1740s. Aside from Fontenelle, my main academic areas of interest are seventeenth and eighteenth century natural philosophy, the popularization of science, public history, history of the book and libraries, and scientific institutions, both professional and amateur, large and small.
Murphy, Michelle - University of Toronto History The history of technoscience, sex, gender, race, environmental politics and capitalism in the United States through transnational and postcolonial theoretical perspectives.
Murray, Stuart - English Carleton University OTHER Canada Research Chair in Rhetoric & Ethics Interdisciplinary Research; Medical Humanities; Healthcare Rhetoric and Communication; Foucault; Biopolitics, Biotechnology and Biomedicine; Medical Subjectivity; Ethics and Bioethics
Murray, Thomas Jock - Humanities Dalhousie University OTHER History of Multiple Sclerosis