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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Pujadas Botey, Anna - Geography University of Alberta OTHER Collaborative decision-making; social involvement in public policy; social supports; ecosystem management; resiliency; sustainability; interdisciplinary research; cross-scale social dynamics; hazards mitigation and preparedness programming; qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research
Ragep, Jamil - McGill University OTHER My main research focus is on the history of science in Islamic societies, in particular astronomy and cosmology. More generally I am interested in the relation between science and religion in Islam, Islamic intellectual history, and the transmission of science between cultural regions. I have also done some work on ancient science and on early modern European science.
Reuter, Shelley - Sociology Concordia University OTHER Disease and cultural classifications; medical racialisation; feminism; academic women and motherhood; contemporary theory; historical sociology; embodiment
Reynolds, Andrew - History/ Philosophy University of Cape Breton OTHER Scientific metaphor; science and metaphysics; history and philosophy of cell biology, protistology (the study of single-cell organisms) and evolution
Roberts, Eve - Dalhousie University Philosophy Hepatology, liver, Wilson disease, proteomics, systems biology, epistemology, philosophy of science
Rock, Melanie - Anthropology University of Calgary OTHER Human-animal relationships as a window into human health; sociocultural patterns and inequity in complex systems; chronic non-infectious diseases; qualitative methods (including for knowledge synthesis)
Rueger, Alexander - University of Alberta OTHER Reduction and emergence in physics, dynamical systems theory, aesthetics and science
Rumiel, Lisa - York University History History of science, medicine, technology, social movements, nuclear age, Cold War, gender, My doctoral dissertation, entitled, Random Murder by Technology: The Role of Scientific and Biomedical Experts in the Anti-Nuclear Movement, 1969-1992
Rutherford, Alexandra - York University OTHER History of behavioural psychology; B. F. Skinner and the social and cultural contexts in which his work was popularized from 1940-70; history of women in psychology and feminist epitemiology.
Saner, Marc - University of Ottawa Environmental ethics; Governance and ethics of emerging technologies; Risk management and risk governance; Interface between science and policy