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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Toman, Cynthia - Nursing University of Ottawa OTHER History of healthcare and history of healthcare technology/medical technologies , Canadian nursing history, Canadian military nursing
Tombak, Mihkel M. - Social Studies University of Toronto OTHER Competition policy, antitrust, economics of innovation, industrial organization
Trenn, Thaddeus - History/ Philosophy University of Toronto Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, U of T ? History of modern physics, sociology of scientific knowledge, science and religion, ? The general problem of belief-bifurcation within science, religion, politics ?Areas of previous research Ludwik Fleck as precursor of Kuhn, Soddy on energy and economics, the Shroud of Turin, the problem of transmutation and nuclear energy
Trudel, Jean-Louis - History University of Ottawa History history of invention, technological imaginaries, and science fiction
Tsou, Jonathan - Iowa State University OTHER Philosophy of Psychiatry, Philosophy of Mind/ Psychology, History of 20th Century Philosophy of Science
Turner, R. (Roy) Steven - History University of New Brunswick History Contemporary agricultural sciences and science policies, K-12 Science Eduction, Potato Research, plant breeding, plant pathology, intersection of molecular biology and agricultural science
Usselman, Mel - University of Western Ontario OTHER History of Chemistry; Investigation into the Life and Science of W.H. Wollaston, Interaction of science and technology, pure versus applied chemistry, late 18th century medical practices
Vanderburgh, William - Wichita State University Philosophy History and philosophy of science; history of astronomy; logic; evidence and method in science; early modern philosophy
Virdi, Jaipreet - History/ Philosophy Ryerson University History History of Science and Technology: medicine from antiquity to the 19th century; biology from Ancient Greece to the 20th century; 19th-century science and technology, social, intellectual, and cultural history in Britain; disability and deaf studies
Wallace, Barry - York University OTHER Techno/scientific ideation and determinism; diffusion of innovations; techno/scientific involvement with consumer culture; and, sustainable communication.