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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Langford, Cooper H. - University of Calgary OTHER Innovation studies, outcomes of university research, water policy
Langins, Janis - University of Toronto OTHER History of engineering, history of engineering education, professionalization of engineering,social history of engineering
Larson, Brendon - History/ Philosophy University of Waterloo OTHER Environmental metaphor, forest ecology, invasion biology, moral science, public understanding of science
Le-May Sheffield, Suzanne - Dalhousie University women in academia, graduate student teaching development and science education
Lehoux, Daryn - History/ Philosophy Queen's University OTHER Ancient science, esp. astronomy, astrology, physics, ethics and science, religion and science, epistemology of observation; social contexts of science
Leibing, Annette - Anthropology University of Montreal OTHER Aging: Alzheimer, Parkinson, critical gerontology; medications and aging; stem cells; psychiatry
Lepawsky, Josh - Geography Memorial University OTHER Cultural, political, and economic geography; production, consumption, and disposal of information technologies; electronic waste
Levit, Georgy - History/ Philosophy University of King's College OTHER History of evolutionary theory, evolutionary developmental biology, alternative evolutionary theories (ant- and non-Darwinian theories)
Levy, Ed - University of British Columbia OTHER Natural science, medicine, technology, social science: The intersection of scientific, ethical, legal, economic, and social issues arising in medical research and development; interpretation of quantum theory
Li, Alison - History/ Philosophy OTHER 20th century Canadian medical science, 20th century endocrinology