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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Hird, Myra - Sociology Queen's University OTHER Philosophy of science; health; epistemology; ontology and epistemology of sexual difference; evolution; bacteria
Hooton, Doug - University of Toronto OTHER Early developments in cements and concrete, how the industry has been shaped (and sometimes confined) by developments in early standards and specifications
Hudson, Robert - Philosophy University of Saskatchewan OTHER History and Philosophy of Science, epistemology, dark matter physics
Hunsinger, Jeremy - Communication Wilfrid Laurier University OTHER Critical internet studies, internet and communication technology, politics of knowledge, cultures and histories of knowledge production, virtual worlds, interpretive methods
Irvine, Andrew - University of British Columbia OTHER Philosophy of logic and mathematics; Bertrand Russell; Scientific realism; Paradoxes of rationality
Jenkins, Jane - St. Thomas University OTHER History of public health reform, interface between animal and human health and medicine, early modern natural philosophy and theology, history of epidemics
Jones, Alexander - History Unaffiliated OTHER Mathematical and physical sciences and pseudosciences in antiquity, Middle Ages, and early modern Europe. Current work concerns astronomy and astrology in the ancient Near East and the Greek world, the scientific work of Ptolemy, and Greek mathematical sciences in general. Papyrology, manuscript traditions and textual criticism.
Jones, Mavis - Anthropology Dalhousie University OTHER regulation of health technologies (pharma, biotech, reproductive); institutional ethnography; policy learning and changepolitical sociology (institutions, networks); scientific citizenship; feminist social theory; risk (health, environment); comparative science policy; qualitative methodology
Jones, Nicola - Journalism University of British Columbia OTHER Throughout her career, Nicola has been interested in broader issues of science communication and the community of science journalism. She is now a commissioning editor for the opinion section of Nature, part time, and a freelance reporter. Her reporting focuses on Earth sciences, climate change, and oddities of science.
Jones-Imhotep, Edward - York University Science and Technology Studies, York History of canadian ionospheric research; history and philosophy of cold-war electronics; the historical interrelations of technoscience and identity; the cultural-technical histories of our trust in machines