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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Hackborn, William - University of Alberta OTHER Applied mathematics, especially fluid dynamics, but I am also interested in the History of Science
Hacking, Ian - Philosophy University of Toronto Philosophy Statistics, indeterminism/determinism, chance, scientific realism, multiple personalities, identity, mathematics, memory, mental illness
Hall, Brian - Dalhousie University Biology Department, Dalhousie University The development and evolution of cartilage, bone and vertebrate skeletal systems, the rise of evolutionary embryology in England after 1859 (especially Francis Balfour); the history of concepts on homology (especially Richard Owen); and integration of development, evolution and palaeontology
Hamilton, Vivien - University of Toronto Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, U of T history of medical technology and medical physics
Hamm, Ernst - York University Science and Technology Studies, York Goethe and geology, Dissent and science in the Dutch Enlightenment, history of earth sciences in 18th-19th centuries
Harris, Randy - Humanities University of Waterloo OTHER Rhetoric; rhetoric and science; rhetoric and incommensurability
Hattiangadi, Jagdish - York University Philosophy Reason versus faith in modern philosophy of science; incommensurability of theories; Ppilosophy of science, philosophy of language, history of ideas, metaphysics, epistemology
Heffernan, Teresa - St. Mary's University Twentieth and twenty-first century fiction and theory, travel writing, orientalism, feminism, post humanism and science studies, and apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic culture
Hesketh, Ian - Queen's University History Victorian Britain; the relationship between the sciences and the humanities; the attempt to make history a science; the reception of Darwinism; the relationship between science and religion
Hetherington, Kregg - Anthropology Concordia University Agricultural politics in Latin America, environmental and technical knowledge creation during periods of political transition; the way the soybean boom in Latin America's southern cone is changing how states become enrolled in scientific and technological networks, and how social movements, NGOs and corporations struggle to understand and control the relationship between humans and plants