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Title University Affiliation Department / Program Specific Area of Research
Corbett, Ken - History/ Philosophy University of British Columbia Ken's Ph.D. research discusses the influence of railway and telegraph networks on norms concerning punctuality and time-keeping in England and India throughout the 19th century. His MA thesis traced the relationship between railway and telegraph networks and the culture of time in late nineteenth-century British periodicals. His other research interests include the origins of the philosophical arguments of British Phrenologists, the development of physics in the nineteenth century, and the philosophy of time.
Cormack, Lesley - University of Alberta History Early modern science, specializing in geography and mathematics in 16th century England
Court, John - University of Toronto OTHER History of medicine, psychiatry and of medical-psychiatric academies & institutions
Creelman, Douglas - History University of Toronto OTHER 19th and 20th century apparatus, history of psychology, human perception, research instruments
Crombie, James - Philosophy Université de Sainte-Anne Philosophy Philosophie des sciences et techniques, bioéthique, éthique médicale, éthique des affaires, philosophie de l’éducation
Cuffaro, Michael - History/ Philosophy University of Western Ontario Philosophy History and philosophy of science, Kant
Curtis, Bruce - Sociology Carleton University OTHER State formation, statistics, education politics, politics schooling and insurrection in colonial canada, historical sociology of music
Dea, Shannon - University of Waterloo Philosophy Early modern philosophy, classic pragmatism, and philosophy of gender
Delisle, Richard - University of Lethbridge Philosophy The history and philosophy of science,the history and epistemology of paleoanthropology,humankind's place in nature and the cosmos,human evolution
Demopoulos, William - University of Western Ontario Philosophy Philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, history of analytic philosophy, historical and systematic aspects of logicism in the philosophy of arithmetic, the approach to the theory of theories arising out of the tradition of Russell, Ramsey and Carnap